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June 20, 2018
Category: Skin Care
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If you feel as though your complexion has become dull or damaged, you may have considered a dermatological procedure to help give youchemical peels back your glow. However, you may find that there are many options available and feel as though making a decision on which treatment is best for you is a difficult task. A chemical peel may help you improve the appearance of your facial skin to look and feel great. Find out more about chemical peels with Dr. Mary Katherine Mather at Access Dermatology in Harrisonburg, VA.

What is a chemical peel? 
Your skin is made up of many layers, with new skin cells making up the bottom layers and older cells making up the top layers. As the skin cells die, the build-up, causing skin issues. A chemical peel uses an acid solution placed on the skin to remove the damaged outer layers. Results of a chemical peel include smoothed wrinkles and fine lines, a more even pigmentation across the facial skin, and helps improve the appearance of blemishes and redness. Chemical peel procedures take about 30 minutes and require several days to a week for the skin to return to normal.

Types of Chemical Peels Available at Access Dermatology 
Access Dermatology offers light and medium chemical peels depending on your skin’s level of damage and your preferences for results. A light chemical peel treats dry skin, uneven pigmentation, or blemishes caused by acne while a medium chemical peel penetrates the skin further to treat issues like hyperpigmentation, scarring, and wrinkles or fine lines. A consultation with your dermatologist can help you determine which strength of chemical peel is right for you and your skin.

Chemical Peels in Harrisonburg, VA
Before your chemical peel, your dermatologist will thoroughly clean and cleanse the facial skin and, in some cases, apply a numbing solution to help with any discomfort you may experience during your procedure. With the skin clean, your doctor applies the acid solution to the skin where it will sit on the skin for a short amount of time. Your doctor then rinses the solution from the skin and applies an additional layer of ointment to help cool and soothe the irritated skin. Follow your doctor’s aftercare instructions carefully and take any medications as prescribed.

For more information on chemical peels, please contact Dr. Mather at Access Dermatology in Harrisonburg, VA. Call (540) 434-1756 for the Harrisonburg office or (540) 569-2942 for the Fisherville office to schedule your appointment for a chemical peel today!